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Features of SMM

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SMM is marketing aimed at finding customers and selling them goods and services using social networks. According to the results of a survey conducted by Marketing Sherpa, about 95% of social network users aged 18-34 use them to track brands and products of interest to them. It is for this reason that SMM specialists are in such high demand, since almost every company presents and promotes its products on social networks.


Features of SMM

It should be noted that companies, when promoting their products, do not always prefer social networks that enjoy increased popularity, such as Facebook and Instagram, YouTube and Twitter. Other niche platforms are often used to recruit a target audience:

  • LinkedIn, which is a professional social network.
  • Pinterest – is a resource that allows you to share images and make publications.
  • Discord – gamers mainly communicate on this resource.
  • Reddit – this resource can be attributed to news networks.
  • SoundCloud, preferred by musicians.

If the company aims to work with foreign consumers, regional social networks should be added to the list, for example, the Chinese QZone.


What goals does SMM set for itself and what tasks does it solve

The main goal of SMM – business promotion with further increase in profit. However, the use of social networks does not give an instant effect, as users need time to study the content. Therefore, you should always maintain accounts, filling the resource with quality content. A number of tasks can be solved with the help of SMM:

  • Increase traffic with the help of publications in networks with redirection of visitors to your own site.
  • To form a loyal attitude of users, demonstrating certain stages of the company's work, publishing reviews, information about employees, cases in the style of "Before" and "After".
  • Attract customers using targeted advertising and customization based on geolocation, interests, social and demographic characteristics.
  • To increase the involvement of subscribers by organizing surveys, contests, publishing interesting materials for receiving questions and comments. In order for the desire to participate in the company's work to be constant, it is necessary to select useful and interesting content.
  • To strengthen the image by demonstrating the company's values, participation in charity projects.


How SMM specialists work

Today, many companies prefer to staff their staff with an SMM specialist. His tasks include selecting posts, filling the account, organizing the writing of interesting material and creating video and visual content, answering questions asked by subscribers and posting comments, setting up advertising, concluding agreements with bloggers, tracking the effectiveness of various social networks.

If the company is small, the services of one specialist are enough, but large organizations need to "light up" at once on several resources, accordingly, copywriters, and administrators, and designers, and other specialists are hired to work in a number of social networks. In some cases, producers are also hired, whose task is to launch an interesting project, for which he distributes tasks among team members, determines the target audience.

The main methods used in SMM – targeted advertising, posts in third-party communities, content marketing designed to create the right impression about the brand and encourage a potential buyer to purchase a product.


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